ALBUM OF THE DAY: Reflection (Deluxe) by: Fifth Harmony
SONG OF THE DAY: Going Nowhere

OK, so I’m black as I previously stated and uh, black people have been in the news quite often this past and current year. Usually in a negative light, so I’ve decided to do some research. Police shootings turned to discrimination, to racism, to black lives matter, then finally to white privileges.
Now I was kind weird about the white privileges thing because a lot of my friends are white and it was kind of I dunno, weird (sorry for repeating). So I looked it up and found some interesting things, songs, articles, speeches, etc. I think I kind of get it now. I like to think as a cisgender female I have the privilege of walking into the women’s restroom doing my business wash my hands and leaving.  Someone transgendered may have a endure a different outcome. You may be thinking, “well yea, that’s everyday life, a regular thing”  that’s the point that is why many people deny privileges because what they see as as something routine may be challenge for someone else.
Also, (No offense I guess) but there are a lot of adults that are really annoying, and immature, I’m 14 by the way and this whole Donald Trump vs. Hilary has really shone the light on immature adults. People who threaten to kill Donald Trump, I don’t support him or ridicule people who do but for real. It’s really annoying. Also when people say “Oh all feminist support Hilary Clinton, all feminist want women in power.” That’s really annoying because feminism by definition is the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. Did you catch that? EQUALITY. Not overriding men from all power or whatever you believe. There may be some feminist out there like that, but they do not represent the entirety of the feminist population. Just like violent black people do not represent the entire black community.
Last but not least I just want to say that yes I believe in white privileges, no that doesn’t make me a racist. Yes, I believe in equal rights for everybody, EVERYBODY. Also being gay is not an insult, it literally just mean you’re in to the same sex period. Don’t add anything else


*If I made any mistakes, please let me know in the comments. Or if you disagree please comment (respectfully) Thanks for reading