Album of the Day: My Garden by Kat Dahlia
Song of the Day: Gangsta

Jacob Satorius, and no, I have no idea how the hell you’re supposed to pronounce his last name. Currently #2 most popular person on, beating Michael Jackson who is number 25, yeah I know, what the literal heck. Looking at his description he became famous because of a……..lip sync app called Now I’m not going to lie to you guys, I do use and enjoy the app but to be the sole reason for a person’s popularity is, well dumb. You literally move your mouth and hands, to ANOTHER person’s song, so its not even your content. I’m not going to go ahead and say, aw I hate him, he’s a horrible person, he asked his fans for nudes, and if you have no idea what I’m talking about, than you sir have a life, but I will say he has influence over a lot of people. *Looks down at phone, scrolls through description* Oh, he has a song, called sweatshirt. *Looks it up on youtube and sees that their is a music video, clicks on it, ad, ugh. Video starts.* Wow, um well………..where’s………..the talent?
I know a lot of famous musers, Baby Ariel, Loren Beech, Lena and Lisa, Theyloveari, and the thing that they all have in common is that they’re girls and act and look older than they actually are, too an extent. I think that people in this day and age paint a picture of what’s laughable, inappropriate, or completely OK. Jacob is ridiculed because he is a 13 year old hormonal, braces wearing, voice cracking teen, and that’s why I think a lot of people dislike or at least part of the reason. But Loren Beech who is seen doing the same thing lip singing to songs that may at times be inappropriate, seductively licking her lips, making movements is praised. Why? Because she’s a girl. she looks mature, she wears makeup and is attractive. Guess how old she is? 14! No hate or shade or whatever towards her, but she can be seen kissing her boyfriend and doing “grown up” things in her’s and its given no f*cks. If someone saw Jacob do that, than whoa, he’s young, that’s disgusting. Just saying they’re is some double standards to be addressed, equality works both ways.
Back to the nudes thing, there have been allegations against him that via twitter he’s pressuring fan/s to send him nudes or pictures of themselves in their under garments. Nothing has been proven that it’s him but who knows, first of all he’s 13 almost 14 which is, me. And I can’t imagine any of my peers, you know what scratch that, actually I can see that a little too clearly. At my school, the guys have been a little touchy, slapping girl’s asses and feeling free to hug, touch, whatever, whoever they want lately. OK, I’m about to go off topic, but teachers see it and don’t say anything. It’s never happened to me because I’m a background character and irrelevant to most of my classmates but it’s still happening and that’s a shame. Hate to say it but it all goes along with rape culture.
OK, Jacob, some say, he’s a f—  boy, again he’s 13 almost 14. Others adore him because he’s “hot’ and talented and people like me who either don’t care, or doesn’t have any opinions happily sit on the fence. Go check out his stuff tell me what you think of him, hate him? Love him? Believe he’s secretly a 40 year old midget man, using his young looks to con young girls out of their clothes to add to his collection of child pornography? Comment down below. Thank you so much for reading!
*Help me get better at writing, point out my mistakes and flaws, disagree with my points, this is all a learning process! 🙂